Patina Perfection

What is a patina? This term is typically used to describe the greenish or brown film on the surface of various metals such as copper, brass, and bronze. The colour and texture is produced by exposure and oxidation over a long period of time. Common examples are the beautiful copper roofs of churches and government buildings which have slowly transformed from their shiny new copper finish to the aged, iconic green or “verdigris” colour.

A large part of my artistic process relies on the oxidative properties of copper to create colour and texture. However, instead of waiting years and years to observe these chemical changes, I use stronger patinas to expedite the process. Some of these chemical concoctions remain a trade secret, while others are as common as household vinegar, and other mild acids. 

The copper in the image above has been left to oxidize in a well ventilated room for about a week using various chemical formulas. When I’m happy with the results, I seal the copper with a few coats of clear lacquer in order to preserve the colour and texture.

The result is a very unique patina. Rich in various blue tones, with a bit of turqoiuse scattered throughout. Almost glacial-like. 

The Collectors Circle in Support of Baycrest

I am excited to announce my participation in the Collectors Circle, a new virtual art sale hosted by Baycrest. My copper art, as well as pieces from numerous other artists and galleries, will be available for purchase to online audiences, all in support of Baycrest’s work to help vulnerable older adults in our community. I am so pleased to be able to offer this rare opportunity for art lovers to add my copper art to their collection.

As part of the sale, I will be offering the pieces shown below. In combination with other participating artists and galleries, this sale is estimated to have over $2 million in art value. Proceeds from the event will be benefit Baycrest’s Safeguarding Our Seniors (SOS) Campaign, which helps safeguard seniors and strengthens programs to reduce social isolation and enhance lives as we navigate through the challenges of COVID-19.

JOIN US AT on November 16.

Partner Galleries: Abbozzo Gallery, Angell Gallery, Art Interiors, Artworld Fine Art, Bau Xi, Brian Liss Gallery, Corkin Gallery, Daniel Faria Gallery, Gallery 133, Gina Godfrey Gallery, Lonsdale Gallery, Loch Gallery, Lumas, Marcia Rafleman Fine Arts, Melanie Siegel Collection, Nikola Rukaj Gallery, Pari Nadimi Gallery, Peter Triantos Art Galleries, Petroff Gallery, PI Fine Art, Sandra Ainsley Gallery, State of the Arts, Jerusalem, and Stephen Bulger Gallery

Partner Artists: Beverley Abramson, Deborah Bennett Kagan, birdO, Justin Blayney, Bill Boyko, Adam Colangelo, Barbara ColeMarc Cooper, Dani Cooperman, Neil Dankoff, Lindsi Hollend, Ron Kobrick, Corynn Kokolakis, Alex Kwong, Amey Lai, Ian Leventhal, Matt Pine, Melanie Siegel, Judy Singer, Gary Taxali, Tracy Thomson

Shine on Through (36in. x 36in.)

Solace (24in. x 36in.)

7 year Copper Anniversary Gift Ideas

Traditionally, the seven-year wedding anniversary is represented by copper. Copper has long had a traditional meaning of prosperity, good luck, and
good fortune. Couples who celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary
can indeed celebrate their good fortune in finding one another. 

Looking for unique 7 year copper anniversary gift ideas? View and purchase contemporary copper art online by metal artist Adam Colangelo. Looking for a custom piece? Feel free to contact the artist for commission ideas and pricing. 

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